[WOTC]Mass Effect Javik

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Author: Cavily
Last revision: 7 Aug at 12:36 2018 UTC


This mods adds Protheans from Mass Effect to Xcom 2 in the form of customization parts available for both males and females.


Animated head for male and female Protheans.
Colourable head for male and female Protheans.

Male and female Prothean undersuit with the armor parts.
assigned to the Torso gear , shoulders and shins customization slots.

Available for all 3 armor tiers and faction soldiers.


As usual a invisible head mod is required you could use the one listed here or use one from kexx’s mods for additional skin colours.
Invisible part for heroes is required to allow deselecting of Prothean gear added in the WOTC customization slots.


BiowareEA – Mass Effect franchise
Firaxis – Xcom 2
nach77- for providing the model of the female prothean
ArjenW -for making the thumbnail

Required items:
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