WotC Ballistic Shields

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Authors: Musashi, Claus
Last revision: 21 Jun at 22:55 UTC


Balistic Shields

This mods adds three tiers of ballistic shields as secondary items.

From the default classes rangers and specialists and

from Musashis classes the samurai, specops, infiltrator and rpgo can equip shields.


Shield go in secondary item slot and will work with all primary weapons except cannons and sniper rifles for obvious reasons.
The primary secondaries mod allows you to use shields with melee weapons and pistols.

Shields grants 6/10/14 shield points and half cover to allies but impose a -3 mobility penalty.

Provides the Shield Wall ability that replaces hunker down.
Works like hunker down but can be used outside cover and provide full cover for allies.
While the shield wall is in effect the soldier has a -20 defense penalty.

Additionally shields allow you to make a melee attack with your shield that leaves your opponent disoriented.

Tier 1 is a starting item.

Tier 2 is unlocked by medium armor.

Tier 3 is unlocked by heavy armor.


Claus – All assets including meshes, textures and animations
Musashi – Code

Future Plans

A dedicated class that utilizes shields.
Cutomizable decals on shields.

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Musashi Donations

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