[WotC] Richards Weapon Pack [WiP]

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Author: Richard
Last revision: 23 Jun at 20:36 UTC


This mod intends to add more vanilla-stlye / lore-friendly weapon variants to the game to give your soldiers more choices for their loadouts. It is very much a Work in Progress [WiP] and currently reuses existing game weapon models to make variants. If anyone would like to contribute models/resources to this pack please let me know!

1/ Current Weapons
2/ Planned
3/ Config
4/ Issues
5/ Credits
6/ Other Add Ons

1/ Current Weapons

I have added at least 1 variant for every primary weapon in the base game. Once a tech is researched, relevant schematics will be available to purchase from engineering.

-Auto Shotgun (Shotgun Variant) [Uses Assault Rifle Model for now]
3-7 DMG, 3 Clip Size, 10% Crit Chance, Custom Range
Auto shotguns can deal more damage than regular shotguns but suffer higher penalties when used at long range. They need to be used at close range to be their most effective.

-Battle Rifle (Assault Rifle Variant) [Uses Reaper Vektor Rifle Model for now]
3-5 DMG, 3 Clip Size, Custom Range
Has increased aim bonuses at mid range (+18% max) but suffers aim penalties at close range (-18% max), is intended to be the opposite to the assault rifle which has increased aim as you get closer to an enemy.

-Carbine Rifle (Assault Rifle Variant) [Uses Skirmisher Bullpup Model for now]
2-4 DMG, 3 Clip Size, +1 Mobility, +5% Aim Bonus, Medium Range (Assault Rifle Range)
Carbines are more compact compared to assault rifles but deal less damage. They are easier to use than assault rifles trading 1 point of damage for +5 aim.

-DMR (Sniper Variant) [Uses Assault Rifle Model for now]
3-5 DMG, 3 Clip Size, +1 Mobility, 10% Crit Chance, Long Range (Sniper Rifle Range)
The DMR deals less damage than the sniper rifle but is better for mobility and doesn’t require both actions to fire. To balance this weapon a little I have applied a built-in snapshot ability so taking a shot after moving incurs a -15% aim and -15% crit penalty. It still also suffers aim penalties at close range like the sniper rifle but at least gives more options for pistol based sharpshooters.

-Hunting Shotgun (Shotgun Variant) [Uses Alien Hunters Boltcaster Model for now]
3-5 DMG, 2 Clip Size, 10% Crit Chance, Custom Range
The Hunting Shotgun has a smaller clip size and deals less damage than the normal shotgun but is more effective at mid-long range than standard shotguns are.

-Machine Pistol (SMG Variant) [Uses Templar Sidearm Model for now]
2-3 DMG, 2 Clip Size, -20% Detection Radius, +3 Mobility, 10% Crit Chance, Short/Pistol Range, 1AP to Fire
Classed as an assault rifle in game, is intended to be an alternate choice to the LW SMG and uses pistol/short range table where as LW SMG uses a custom range table. It’s damage stats are scaled around the Templar Autopistols and this weapon can be fired for a single action point allowing 2 shots per turn.

-SAW (Cannon Variant) [Uses Assault Rifle Model for now]
2-5 DMG, 5 Clip Size, +1 Mobility, Medium Range (Assault Rifle Range)
The SAW is a weaker counterpart to the cannon having a lower damage range but offers better mobility and a larger starting ammo capacity to help cannon users utilize attacks that cost more ammo easier.

2/ Planned

-Get Custom Models and Particle Effects where needed.

3/ Config

Go to this location in your Steam Workshop folder;

You can edit a weapons stats and build cost by opening it’s config file, these are;
XComRS_ASG (AutoShotgun)
XComRS_BRF (BattleRifle)
XComRS_CRF (CarbineRifle)
XComRS_HSG (HuntingShotgun)
XComRS_MP (MachinePistol)

4/ Issues

-Requires Alien Hunters as it uses the boltcaster model, hopefully eventually won’t require this.
-Machine Pistol ‘stance’ looks weird as soldier is pretending to hold a primary weapon, hopefully with a custom TMP we can make it better fit the vanilla soldier stance.
-I don’t know how to make weapon attachments show up visually, even though vanilla models are being used.

5/ Credits

I made this mod based on the Unofficial Long War SMG Pack Mod for WotC so thanks to NStriker for porting that over and thanks to Pavonis Interactive for making the initial mod, it made some easy framework to add my own weapons.

6/ Other Add Ons

Long War SMG Pack – WotC (Unofficial)
One of the very first mods that came out for the game is in my opinion still one of the more better onces.
The LW SMG fits the vanilla game really nicely and NStriker did a good job porting it over to WotC.

Cost Based Ability Colors (Utility)
Color codes abilities based on AP usage. Is useful good, much fantastic, many recommend.