[WOTC]Mass Effect Batarian 2.0

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Author: Cavily
Last revision: 28 Jun at 09:16 2018 UTC


This an updated version of my other Batarian mod which I couldn’t update due to losing the original files when my laptop was away for repairs.

This mods adds a number of Batarian customization options from Mass Effect to Xcom 2 available for males only

Animated Batarian head now with an actual mouth.
Animated Balak Head

Batarian Sentinel armour set from Mass Effect 3 multiplayer

Bray’s armour set from Mass Effect 3 Omega dlc
A striped version of Bray’s armour set

Balak Armour set from Mass Effect 1

And 33 facepaint options selectable and colourable through the left and right arm tattoo options

Available for all three armour tiers
Available for all three resistance faction

Required mods.
As usual a invisible head mod is required you could use the one listed here or use one from kexx’s mods for additional skin colours.
Invisible part for heroes is required to allow deselecting of Batarian gear added in the WOTC customization slots.

BiowareEA – Mass Effect franchise
Firaxis – Xcom 2
ArjenW -for making the thumbnail and being a absolute legend by creating most of the facepaint options

Required items:
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Invisible HeadsOn Steam
[WOTC] Invisible Parts For Hero UnitsOn Steam