[WOTC] Tempest Combat

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Author: Udaya
Last revision: 29 Sep at 18:05 2018 UTC


The Templar is unquestionably a remarkable faction hero, with more abilities available than any other hero class and nearly limitless options to utilize their Focus.

But not all of their abilities are equally effective.

Stun Strike, for example, doesn’t stun the enemy as the name implies, and instead has a relatively low chance to disorient the target with a mediocre knockback effect.

Pillar, while useful for situations where you have an absence of cover, requires the Templar to have an action available, which can be difficult to attain in such circumstances.

This mod remedies that by allowing Stun Strike to stun the target if successful, giving it a higher base aim, more knockback, and a faster cooldown. Also, Pillar is now a free action, and can be used even during the Templar’s Momentum phase.

This mod works both mid-campaign and mid-tactical.