Hero Ballistic Shields

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Author: Alterd-Rushnano
Last revision: 2 Jul at 03:04 2018 UTC


* This mode requires Ballistic Shields.
* And Thanks to Musashi

This mod also allows hero classes to wear shields. -such as Reaper, skirmisher and Templar.While the option may seem unattractive due to poor maneuverability, you will be able to create a variety of strategic variables instead.


"Creative suicide method. Commander. It would be perfect if you could only publicly advertise to the enemy that BEST REAPER ON EARHH are here." -Konstantine Volikov

It may be a mistake to have Reaper-the master of infiltration be equipped with a Eye-prone-shield. But you can use them as ‘invisible full covers’ in exchange for some Reaper’s movement. Best of all – the Claymore they are equipped to still work. (Claymore skills are not affected by their secondary weapons.)

"We-Skirmishers did not think useful shields as defeating the false gods. Only the bruises instead of the blood and the flesh." -Betos

Equipping skirmishers with shields instead of ripjack gives them some tactical advantages. Although their melee combat power is low – still have their own Grapple. Skirmishers equipped with shields can maintain a high maneuverability while at the same time providing a flexible close range from lower ranks through shield bash.Of course, in return for increased survivability – the efficiency of existing ripjack-related skills will be significantly reduced.

"Only true Templars can take Shields instead of Sidearms. " -GEIST

Templar is a most dramatic changes hero class by equipping shields instead of conventional secondary weapons. The templar equipped with the shield is a perfect melee expert and tanker, have the highest level of survivability in return for Low maneuverability and completely losing ranged attack.


Claus – All assets including meshes, textures and animations
Musashi – Essential Code
Alterd-Rushnano- (Minor change)

Required items:
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