Dropship Propaganda Variety

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Author: thegrimsqueaker72
Last revision: 24 Jul at 03:26 2018 UTC


Most of the announcements that can play in the Skyranger were specific to a handful of fairly rare mission types added by WOTC, while all base game missions use the same set of generic announcements. This mod enables the unique dialogue for other mission types where it fits. Can be configured, and has the option (unused by default) to prevent announcements from playing at all for specific mission types as well.

Update 7/23/18:
Configurable chance (default 30%) to play announcements for failed missions even if you succeeded. Since failing missions is presumably uncommon for most people, this way the dialogue for it can still be listened to. All of ADVENT’s announcements are lies anyway.

Missions affected by default:
Neutralize Target, Rescue VIP, Extract VIP, Facility missions, Blacksite, Forge, Psigate

WOTC missions that already had unique dialogue (Neutralize Field Commander, Sabotage Transmitter, Chosen Compound Rescue, Swarm Defense) still have it.

Combatibility: Overrides UIDropShipBriefing_MissionEnd