Podless WOTC

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Author: Hnefi
Last revision: 21 Feb at 15:38 2018 UTC


Latest change: If one alien sees an XCom soldier, all aliens now know where s/he is. Previously, aliens would not actually know where your soldiers were unless they had direct LOS. Now, one alien will tell their teammates about all enemies they see. The effect is much more aggressive AI behavior. Also, you can now sacrifice a soldier and use them as a decoy; if the aliens see one soldier, they will hunt him relentlessly while your other units sneak away in the opposite direction. Tactics and deception!

This is effectively the WOTC version of Alien Tactical Awareness, with some changes.

The purpose of this mod is to eliminate the problem of activating unseen pods. By activating all pods instead, the tactical game allows for greater tactical flexibility such as surrounding the enemy, scouting ahead and maintaining a strong defensive position.

This mod activates all alien pods when concealment is broken. It does not wait for the next turn; if you activate an alarm or fire at an enemy, all enemies will immediately respond.

On retaliation missions, aliens only fire on civilians if no XCom unit is seen. Since all alien units are activated at the start of the mission, this puts strong pressure on XCom to move aggressively; if they do not, several civilians are likely to die each turn. As long as XCom makes itself a target, however, the civilians are safe.

To make timed missions somewhat less punishing, "upthrottling" has been disabled. This means that no longer will pods converge on your position before you are revealed. Instead, they will patrol randomly. This makes a stealthy approach more viable.

Downthrottling, which causes aliens to disengage if engagements are too big, has also been disabled. Expect messy firefights.

The reveal animation when aliens scamper has been disabled for hidden enemies. You will not be magically made aware of enemy locations before they reach your line of sight, but aliens visible to you or to civilians loyal to XCom still have their scamper animation.

This mod is, in general, not compatible with other mods that affect alien AI. List of overridden classes: