[WotC]Fixer Post-Human Class(ver-2.01)

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Author: Alterd-Rushnano
Last revision: 2 Oct at 10:54 2018 UTC


"Commander. I just found some kind of … ‘Reconstruction’ program for deadly wounded soldi….No, I’m sure- This clearly stated ‘Reconstruction’, not ‘Rehabilitation’. According to the blueprint left by my father, this operation is based on the assumption that the soldier’s limbs are….cut off. I CAN NOT believe my father had this terrible idea." "It’s embarrassing and sad, but … actually, some of our recruits seem to have received some kind of ‘radical machine enhancement’ from ADVENT. If I use this father’s legacy, they can be cured and will be able to bring their potential to the limit.- Without experiencing the pain of disintegration of the limbs." "Also, If the Commander ‘AND’ Volunteer wishes…we can manufacture additional enhancement based on this blueprint. I can get started in the Guerrilla tactical school as soon as you give the order" – Lily Shen (Xcom’s Chief engineer)

As a Full Synthetic body soldier, the fixer class are another form unit of Xcom. Using robotic drone to collapse the enemy force and Specialized unique combat skills
This class is a combination of Agent 47 and Terminator …. So it is a class similar to ‘Major Motoko Kusanagi’ of the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ – Using Optical Camouflage to assassinate a primary target and destroy enemies with high-level hacking. and I went a step further here – trying to implement various Post-human soldier that could be seen in the subculture.

Unlike other Classes, These three special classes have all basic-complete augmentions inserted regardless of Cybernetics research. Because of this, they can enjoy all the benefits of existing augmentation, and this will exert significant synergy with their unique skills. In fact they can be considered human size SPARK and can also use the Cooldown-gramin Ability(Shen used in the Lost Tower!)
(In fact, I designed this class based on LW2, But thanks to Favid a competent Modder, was able to achieve everything that was impossible in the original mod.)

But please be careful. Remember how Supremacy(Cyborg affinity) was implemented in Civ: be, another work of firaxis.
In fact Supremacy are not even superior – if you do not meet the conditions in advance. (In that case they will be pushed by harmful harmony and purity, who other affinity of the that game) A similar logic applies to Fixers- If you do not operate carefully,will see these cyborg soldiers only at the ADVENT’s recycling centers. 🙁

Three additional classes – Post human
According to their Primary Weapons, the Fixer Post-Human Class class is divided into the following three categories. just like Puella Magi Class.

-(Start with all nomal Augmentations parts)

"As a full-synthetic body soldier, the Fixer CNDR is another form of Sharpshooter unit of Xcom. Using his GREMLIN to incapacitate enemy forces and provide assassination with sniper rifles."
-PrimaryWeapon: Rifle, Sniper rifle, Pistol, Sidearm, Vektor rifle and bullpup
-SecondaryWeapon: Gremlin

-Run And Gun
-Mechanical Sublimation

-has ‘Skinchanger’ ability, Enter Concealment twice per mission, but gain 2 points of damage each time. -immune to all Metal effect(like Berserk).

"As a full-synthetic body soldier, the Fixer CAVER is another form of Shinobi unit of Xcom. Using her GREMLIN to incapacitate enemy forces and Optimized for close combat through overwhelming physical abilities."
-PrimaryWeapon: Primary melee weapons(Sword,knife)
-SecondaryWeapon: Gremlin


-Has the Focus level and Channel like a templer. -Enter Berserk and get 2 action points twice per mission through self-harm by Primary melee weapons

"As a full-synthetic body soldier, the Fixer SAVR is another form of Technician unit of Xcom. Using her GREMLIN to incapacitate enemy forces and As a walking Armory, it makes the entire battleground to Wasteland."
-PrimaryWeapon: Cluster Rocket Module (+Your Heavy Weapon)

-Although they are classified as primary weapons, the cluster rocket module is not affected by all skills applied to the primary weapon. -This weapon also has a built-in Grenade Launcher, but only SAVR can handle it.

-SecondaryWeapon: Gremlin

-Launch Grenade
-Walking Armory

-Reload his own heavy weapon and Powerful direct fire. -In the Terminator skill tree, heavy weapons are treated as primary weapons

-Collateral Damage

– Unleash a volley of bullets at your target’s cover, significantly damaging or destroying it. Deals minimal damage to your target. – Can not use Standard shot – have additional Grenade slot

Ability tree
Fixer are Hybrid Class of Sharpshooters & Shinobi & technician and Specialists.
also Their post human ability tree are randomly configured. Therefore, there is no fixed post humanskill tree for them. And I give you advice for you – their aim NEVER goes up after the Squaddie. (At the machine-reinforced point, their physical precision can no longer be improved)

1. CNDR: Needle (Shots taken in concealment have 2 armor piercing.)
–SAVR: Salvo
–CAVER: Bladestorm
2.(Training Roulette for each class)
3 .CapacitorDischarge

1. ALL: CenterMass
2. (Training Roulette for each class)
3. HaywireProtocol

1. CNDR, SAVR: Hunters Instinct
–CAVER: Cutthroat
2. (Training Roulette for each class)
3. ArcCapacitor
(Apart from the existing combat protocol, Can use another combat protocol with only a cooldown.)

1. Lethal
2. (Training Roulette for each class)
3. Hack (Same as the original Specialists!)

1. LoneWolf
2. (Training Roulette)
3. SabotageProtocol
(Apart from the existing Capacitor Discharge, Can use another Capacitor Discharge with only a cooldown.)

1. Alpha Mike Foxtrot
2. (Training Roulette for each class)
3. CataclysmProtocol (+4 add damage to targets with his offensive gremlin abilities.)

1. CNDR, SAVR: Radioactive Ammunition
(Special shot that ignores armor, applies the Acid burn and rupture effect to the target enemy.)
–CAVER: FramedRend
(Can Rend attack like templer that does not end a turn, but has a 6-turn cooldown.)

2. CNDR: Blackout Protocol
(Immediately enter concealment after each cooldown ends.(Infinite available!)
–SAVR: Nanoplant Protocol
(Reload his own heavy weapon without any cooldown and no action.)
–CAVER: Fury Protocol
(Immediately enter Berserk and get 2 action points, after each cooldown has expired.(Infinite available!))
3.Overdrive(Same as SPARK’s!)

Favid -LW2 Classes and Perks All assets .
Musashi – Essential Augmentations animations.
shiremct- LW2 Secondary Weapons
Claus- Advent Custodians animations and. ALL of it. (Thank you very much for your work.)
Alterd-Rushnano- (Minor change)