[WotC] Useful Autopsies – ADVENT MEC

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Author: ArcaneData
Last revision: 24 Jul at 20:27 2018 UTC


Let’s get this straight. You’ve got a pile of MEC wrecks sitting unused in storage, apparently based on the design of your own SPARK units. And yet, examining the wrecks provide no insight into your own ventures – and you have to make the whole SPARK from scratch every time? Is your whole staff crazy? It makes no sense!

With this mod, SPARKs can no longer be built without first completing the MEC Breakdown project – and those wrecks can then be reused to build your SPARKs at much less cost. You’re a ragtag band of resistance fighters, after all, not a government-funded robot factory. For once, Tygan can predict this outcome – and it is intriguing…

  • SPARKs cannot be built until MEC Breakdown is researched
  • each unit cost 1 MEC Wreck, 1 Elerium Core, 10 Alloys, and 60 Supplies
  • unit build time reduced from 14 days to 10
  • relevant descriptions are updated so the mod fits in seamlessly with the base game

The mod has been thoroughly tested for bugs so it shouldn’t give you any trouble. I always aim for my mods to be of the highest quality so they feel like just another part of the game.


This mod doesn’t override any classes, so it should be compatible with almost anything. The only things to worry about are any mods which alter how SPARKs are obtained.

IMPORTANT: The Integrated DLC option should be checked for this mod to work; unexpected behaviour may occur otherwise. It is compatible with existing saves.

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