[WotC] Useful Autopsies – Chryssalid

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Author: ArcaneData
Last revision: 22 Jul at 21:15 2018 UTC


For once, Tygan can expect these results – completing the Chryssalid Autopsy now unlocks Venom Rounds in Engineering!

Why does the Chryssalid autopsy inspire Tygan to make a vest that sets attackers on fire? Meanwhile their venomous corpses lie unused in storage, and your engineers waste elerium cores in the Proving Ground just for the chance of making toxic ammo. It makes no sense – so I made this mod to fix it.

  • venom rounds are no longer experimental ammo; they are now unlocked through the Chryssalid autopsy
  • venom rounds are constructed in Engineering for 40 supplies and 1 Chryssalid corpse – stats are unchanged
  • hellweave vest is no longer built in Engineering – it is now obtained only through Experimental Armor Projects
  • relevant descriptions have been updated, so the mod feels like just another part of the game

The mod has been thoroughly tested for bugs so it shouldn’t cause any issue with your campaigns. I aim for my mods to be of high quality and to integrate seamlessly with the base game.


This mod doesn’t override any classes, so it should be compatible with almost anything. The only things to worry about are any mods which significantly modify the experimental grenade / armor projects.

It is compatible with existing saves, even if the Autopsy is already complete, and works with new campaigns as well.

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