[WOTC] Idle Suppression

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Author: CGNick
Last revision: 18 Oct at 23:41 2018 UTC


This mod adds Idle Suppression to all units. What does that mean? Well, instead of units sitting still, waiting for their turn, they will visually pick a random enemy target and fire at it. Now imagine about 8 people doing that, suddently it feels like a lot more engaging firefight.

The mod was inspired by the old Idle Suppression for the legacy game, made by robojumper.

Conditions for Idle Suppression attacker:

– Unit must not be selected.
– Unit must have a compatible weapon and ability.
– Unit must have ammo for their weapon.
– Unit must not be concealed.
– Unit must not be flanked.
– Unit must not be on Overwatch.
– Unit must pass the roll for Idle Suppression ( configurable ).

Conditions for Idle Suppression receiver:

– Unit must be visible.
– Unit must not be concealed.
– Unit must be in combat.
– Unit must not be targeted.
– Unit must pass basic checks, such as being alive, not cosmetic, not a civillian, etc.


I’ve tried to expose as many configurable variables as possible so that people can change them up as they please. Currently there are configs for:

– What type of weapons can be used for Idle Suppression.
– What abilities can be referenced for Idle Suppression.
– The chance for a unit to begin Idle Suppressing, instead of Peeking or Idling.
– The chance for a unit to fire more than 1 shot in a row while Idle Suppressing (And adjusting how many).
– Minimum and Maximum time between peeks for units who use cover.
– Minimum and Maximum time between idles for units who don’t use cover. (Reason I seperated these was so I can configure non-cover units to Idle Suppress more often)
– Change it so that Idle Suppression ONLY plays for units who are overwatching.
– Adjust the speed for idle suppression. By default, it’s slightly faster than regular animations.
– And more keep getting added every so often.


Q: Does this do any actual damage / does it actually suppress the target / does it consume ammo?
A: No, it’s purely visual. The mod is entirely cosmetic. It’s aim is to make the battles more visually appealing, it does not add, nor change any game rules that you are used to.

Q: Do I need to start a new campaign/new mission for this to take effect?
A: No, it should work immediately.

Q: Does this have any ModClassOverrides?
A: Yes, I am overriding XComIdleAnimationStateMachine, which as far as I know, shouldn’t affect any other mod, since it’s a very obscure file to even consider editing.

Q: Are there any mod conflicts?
A: Not as far as I know. This should work fine with just about every mod. (Only exception being if any mod overrides what I mentioned above, which is again highly unlikely)

Q: Do I need anything in order to run this mod?
A: It needs the community highlander.

Q: How do I change the settings for this mod?
A: Find the mod’s config files. If you don’t know where they are, google it or use this link for a visual guide: https://imgur.com/a/RpyEd#vvXAO2v

Q: The mod crashes the game a lot, why is that?
A: This seems to be inconsistent behavior and it’s due to how Firaxis programmers made the firing effects happen. There isn’t a direct fix, but many users suggest bringing the Translucency setting to low helps reduce the crashes immenstly. Some report that bringing the Shadow setting to Only static shadows also helps.


– Initial release

– Properly caching Screenshakes and Cinematic camera events now, so they don’t get removed until a restart.
– Added a config allowing Screenshakes from weapon animations during Idle Suppression

– Added a fix where enemy units were being Idle Suppressed while they were first revealed.

– Fixed some cases where enemy units wouldn’t fire.
– Units who are carrying bodies will no longer attempt to Idle Suppress.

– Added some slight optimization.
– Chosen assassin will no longer do Idle Suppression while concealed.
– Decals from Idle Suppression are now disabled by default. You can reenable them from the config settings.
– Added config that makes units no longer fire at The Lost when it comes to Idle Suppression.

– Added config allowing you to adjust the maximum amount of units that can Idle Suppress at the same time.

– Rebuilt to work with the Legacy Pack update.
– Added a safety check for a repeating error, game should crash less often.

– Added new config, which allows soldier to "Idle Reload" their weapons from time to time.
– Fixed slight issue which might cause soldiers to not Idle suppress sometimes.


CGNick (Me) – For spending a few days, seeing what I can do.
robojumper – For writing the original code, which pointed me in the right direction on how I can go about making this mod.

And everybody else who helped me test this for any issues before releasing it.

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