[WOTC] Shogun 2 Japanese Male Voicepack

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Author: IGdood
Last revision: 16 May at 19:14 2018 UTC


[WOTC] Shogun 2 Male Voices

XCOM Ninja/Samurai/Sohei no gozaimasu!

This mod brings in 3 of the male voices into XCOM 2; 1 Sohei/Warrior Monk, 1 Kisho Ninja, and 1 generic Japanese infantryman (used by both Samurai and Ashigaru foot soldiers in Shogun 2).

There are other Japanese voice pack mods but they’re from anime whereas the voices here are from an actual war game so the lines and delivery will definitely be more militaristic.
Firaxis for making XCOM 2 and mod tools.
Creative Assembly for making Shogun 2.
Voice actors Masashi Fujimoto (Warrior Monk), Dait Abuchi (Kisho Ninja), Junichi Kajioka (Infantryman)