[WOTC] Robotic Spectre

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Author: Udaya
Last revision: 11 Nov at 12:47 2018 UTC


The Spectre is one of the most interesting units in the game. It has core weaknesses to EMP Grenades and Bluescreen Rounds just like the Codex and Gatekeeper, but instead of being completely vulnerable to psionic attacks like they are, it has an immunity to mental effects.

This mod makes the Spectre a fully robotic unit, making it susceptible to Haywire Protocol and take extra damage from Combat Protocol, Capacitor Discharge, and Whiplash just like other robotic units. It also makes the Spectre immune to psionic attacks.

I’ve reduced the hack defense of the Spectre and Elite Spectre to match their force level, but you can configure them however you want in XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini.

Have fun finally being able to control the Spectre.

This mod works both mid-campaign and mid-tactical.
It also includes ABA support for the Spectre Prime.