Diverse Alien Pods WOTC

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Author: Ginger
Last revision: 15 Jan at 05:53 UTC


Allows alien pods to roll multiple different types of followers.

In vanilla, pods led by an alien only roll once to determine what follower they have, and then the rest of the group is filled out with copies of that same follower. Pods led by ADVENT roll once for each follower slot, so they can have multiple enemy types within a single pod.

This replaces the alien pod behavior with the ADVENT pod behavior (or the closest I could approximate, since we don’t have access to that behavior code) so that pods led by aliens will have multiple types of followers.

This mod has been tested to be compatible with mods that add custom aliens, custom sitreps, custom schedules, and custom pods. There should be no compatibility issues.

This mod overwrites forced pod spawns (pods that have a specific makeup instead of rolling on the encounter tables). It has been tested with golden path missions, and there have been no ill effects, but I have not ruled out all possibilities so I have disabled golden path missions by default. You can re-enable them in XComDiverseAlienPods.ini that comes with the mod.

This mod does not (currently) overwrite reinforcement pods. There is an update to the Highlander that is in the works, and when that goes through, this mod will start automatically affecting reinforcements pods, with no further update needed.

INI Variables:
bIgnoreForcedSpawnNames – Some pods have a list of units that always have to appear in them. By default, this mod ignores those forced names in order to give you more variety. However, some mods use forced pods instead of follower lists, so set this to false if you see pods added by mods having no followers in them.
bFollowersMustMatchAlienType – Some mods that add aliens add them to the same type classification that the vanilla aliens have. By setting this to true, all aliens will only be followed by aliens that match their type. For example, a Sectoid could only be followed by Sectoids and Abductors, if you have the Abductor mod.

Q. This is boring!
A. That’s not a question.

Q. Why didn’t you make pods spawn with X criteria instead?
A. Because the object of this mod was me challenging myself to recreate the native pod creation routine in UnrealScript in a way that didn’t slow down or crash your game. I may add a way to switch to using other criteria instead, in a future update.

Q. What if I don’t want to install the Highlander?
A. Then this mod will do nothing. It will not break your game, but it also will not function.

Q. This isn’t a port of someone else’s mod!
A. I know. I made my own mod for once. Shocking.

Q. Vinala/LW2 when?
A. This mod might actually work with the vanilla/LW2 version of the Highlander, since the hook it uses in the WOTC Highlander was pulled from one or the other of those. You can give it a shot.

Q. Everything’s broken forever!
A. Again, not a question. But let me know in the comments. I don’t have any time to test mods anymore, so I didn’t actually test the latest update. If I broke everything, then, uh, whoops! Fire me.

Special Thanks
MrShadowCX – testing the mod extensively, including with all of the CX enemy mods

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