[TLP] Resistance Weapon Replacer

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Author: ∑3245
Last revision: 10 Oct at 04:40 2018 UTC


TLE version only!

This mod replaces the Resistance’s boring Assault Rifle that goes ratatatatat with other ones:

(AK > X-9 Assault Rifle > TLE Laser Rifle)

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  • Resistance members during the haven assault will use the AK (Tier 1), X-9 Assault Rifle (Tier 2), and the TLE Laser Rifle (Tier 3).
  • If you’re subscribed to Resistance Firearms, this mod will disable those changes to the Militia’s loadout and use this mod’s changes instead.

  • Dunno if the new Militia unit actually appears. You might end up with the AK throughout the entire campaign.
  • Doesn’t replace the VolunteerMilitia’s weapons, maybe next update.


  • E3245 for coding and porting the AK.


Release Version 1.000

  • Initial Release.