Advent Sentry WOTC (based on LW2 unit)

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Author: Malek Deneith
Last revision: 11 Nov at 09:42 2017 UTC


Advent Sentry is a specialized Advent trooper capable of shooting and entering overwatch at the same time. Essentially the unit of the same name from LW2, not much more to it.

– Tier 1 and Tier 2 versions have Ready For Anything perk (enter Overwatch after shooting their weapon), Tier 3 has Guardian in addition to that.
– They use Advent Captain rifles. Their LW2 weapon was somewhere between LW2 Trooper rifle and LW2 Captain rifle. I opted to give them the higher damage variant, but I’ll leave commented out loadouts with Trooper gear in XComGameData.ini if you feel they pack too much of a punch
– LW2 version seemed to have AI very similar to normal troopers, so I pretty much sent them down the Advent Trooper routines. They do have their own Character Root though so if someone feels they need their own AI it should be easy to edit in. (this should work by default with Advent Avenger’s AI packs by default, if you use A Better Advent instead there is commented out version that’ll make them use ABA Trooper AI instead)

Advent Sentry was first created by Pavonis Interactive for their Long War 2 mod. They deserve pretty much all credit for this unit, my input in porting it over mostly amounted to figuring out what to copy and paste 😛

Special thanks to:
– Jammerware from r/xcom2mods reddit for helping me out in making flyovers for Ready For Anything work properly
– Wilko for providing me with recolored Stun Lancer model

Feel free to use this for noncommercial use, just credit Pavonis, since it’s their work, and Wilko if you use the provided recolored unit model.