High Voltage Templar

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Author: Mitzruti
Last revision: 23 Oct at 21:01 2018 UTC


Raises the damage dealt by the templars caster-type attacks, especially against non-psionic targets.

Volt Damage base damage is increased to be comparable to Rend at +1 focus.
The bonus vs Psi is smaller, but total damage is higher.
Ionic Storm does +1 damage per focus to NON Psionic enemies.
Void Conduit does +3 initial damage and +1 per tick.
Overcharge raised from 33% to 100%, to make it actually useful.

As these are all accomplished by ini-edits, you can disable anything you don’t like, or fiddle with the numbers.

Why did i make this?
Mostly out of annoyance that volt hits like a wet noodle unless the target is psionic. It’s barely stronger than a pistol shot, but it consumes focus.

And it just makes zappy templar builds more viable relative to just swording everything in the face.