[WOTC] Mass Effect M-76 Revenant

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Author: Scout Trooper
Last revision: 28 Oct at 20:24 2018 UTC


Seeing the lineup of existing WOTC Mass Effect weapon mods, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. Then it hit me – there is no classical LMG! Well, there’s a good one from Andromeda along with other models by Lord_Poncho57, but what about those people, who’d like their Mass Effect more… old-school? Well, they can rest easy, knowing that the Revenant now enters the battle against ADVENT, acompanied by it’s own stacatto of mass-accelerated wolfram chunks of pure destruction fired at the rate of "there is no such thing as too many" rounds per minute.

– M-76 Light Machine Gun, all three tiers, converted from ME3
– Sound effects straight outta’ ME3
– Customizable color
– As few instances of clipping, as this absolute unit of a weapon would allow
– Configurable stats INI

E3245 – Amazing guide on putting a weapon in game (and figuring out how textures work)
Lord_Poncho57 – Indirect inspiration, general helpfulness and some banter – and reference material in form of his mods
Bioware/EA (Mass Effect 3) – Weapon model and textures, as well as SFX
Cavity – Mass Effect armor sets, seen in screenshots