Modular Legacy Armors

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Author: Spart117MC
Last revision: 28 Oct at 20:23 2018 UTC


What is this mod?

Modular Legacy Armors is a mod that proceeds to cut up and kitbash the armors from the Tactical Legacy Pack and make them avaialble as cosmetic options for base game armors.

  • Three torso options
  • Five arm options
  • Thirty-nine shoulder options
  • Thirty-two forearm options
  • Three leg options
  • Forty shin options
  • Forty thigh options
  • Twelve deco options
  • Add Part Names implementation


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You are free to use the contents of this mod as you see fit as long as you give proper credit.


Firaxis – XCOM 2, WOTC, and TLP
.vhs – Preview image assets
Team CX – Moral support