[WOTC] Rocketeer Class

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Author: Alpha115
Last revision: 13 Nov at 20:49 UTC


So the point of this class is pretty straightforward. I like rocket launchers, and thought why not try and make a rocket launcher class. If someone makes a proper rocket launcher for xcom 2 I will updat this class to use it.

GTS Perk: Ablative Armor: Your gear includes an extra layer of protection, granting four extra points of Ablative HP and 50% less damage from explosive attacks.

Primary: Bullpup rifle, Assault Rifle
Secondary: MK2 Wrist Launcher (Hopefully in the future someone will port a proper rocket launcher so I can have the class use it instead.)

Rocketeer Abilities
Squaddie: Executioner (improved crit chance and aim on weakened targets), and Gun Strike (hit someone with your gun)

Anti Armor Tree
Corporal: Guided Rocket (Fire an advanced guided Shredder Rocket with an small blast radius.)
Sargeant: Spare Rockets (You can carry extra rockets into battle)
Lieutenant: Concussive Rocket (Fire a special concussive rocket which has a high chance to either stun or disorient targets in an area.)
Captain: Javelin Rockets (your rockets travel 33% farther.)
Major: Heavy payload (All rocket attacks deal +1 additional damage).
Colonel: Bunker buster (Fire a powerful anti armor/Building rocket)

Soldier Tree
Corporal: Open Fire (Gives a 45% chance to take a free reaction shot at newly revealed enemies when not concealed.)
Sargeant: Punisher (Allows melee attacks to deal critical damage.)
Lieutenant: Fortify (Activate to grant +20 defense until the beginning of the next turn. Does not cost an action. Has a 5-turn cooldown.)
Captain: Weapon Specialist (Deal +2 damage with primary weapons.)
Major: Puglist (Grants +3 Damage and +10 Aim on melee attacks.)
Colonel: Lock and load (kills with your primary weapon restore 1 ammo.

If you like this class mod, go give my other ones a look. They all add an interesting theme and feel to them.

Thanks to Favid and his perk pack, This class uses one of his new perks.

Required items:
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