Psionic Melee

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Author: PZ
Last revision: 2 Nov at 23:37 2018 UTC


After meeting the Templars, a few of XCOM’s Psi Operatives took a liking to their ferocity in melee and started bringing shard gauntlets instead of psi amps into battle.

Using shard gauntlets on a Psi Operative doesn’t grant focus or any of the other Templar abilities, but it does allow a pretty effective melee attack with a 100% hit rate. However the soldier’s psi bonuses will be much less (and actually a penalty at conventional tier) due to the lack of a psi amp; attacks like Soulfire also do less damage with gauntlets equipped.

Special thanks to ObelixDk for making the animations used when soldiers don’t have a psi amp equipped, and to Ginger for helping me debug the visualization code.

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