[WOTC] Muton Elite

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Author: hectorzx
Last revision: 14 Nov at 19:00 2018 UTC


Alien Elite Pack

This mod adds a new enemy variant, the Muton Elite.

== Abilitys ==

-Personal shield

Weapon: 5-8
Grenade: 5-6
Melee: 7-9
Overall, he does 1 more damage than the normal Muton.

== Stats ==

Aim: 90
HP: 9/11/13/15
Armor:2 (3 on legend)

== When he appears? ==

He can be a leader at forcelevel 10.
He can be a follower at forcelevel 15.
He can follow: Berserker,Archon,Andromedon,Gatekeeper and SpectreM2.
Normal Muton will appears less in late game in favour of Muton Elite.

== Compatibility ==

This mod should be compatible with any mod.

== Thank to ==

Pavonis Interactive: This mod uses the model from the Long War Alien Pack.

== Update 1.1 ==

-He now uses the LW2 Muton elite weapon
-Added Personal shield ability
-Improved AI

== Update 1.2 ==

-The cannon now have the right colours(black)
-Added FX to the personal shield

== Update 1.3 ==

-Autopsy added
-New item: Personal shield vest:
* +2HP
* Grand the ability Personal shield:
-Start with 2 charges.
-Add 3 ablative armor for only 1 turn.
-It is a free action

-You will need to start a new campaign to be able to do the new autopsy and get the new item