[TLP] Legacy Operation Fixes

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Author: Udaya
Last revision: 31 Oct at 01:45 2018 UTC


This mod fixes a few ability issues that appear during Legacy Operations.

Skullmining – Specialists often gain the Skulljack from a Utility Items reward at the end of a mission. However, it doesn’t do much on its own since there isn’t any XCOM HQ to provide the Skullmining tech. Now, the Skulljack grants a single Skullmine charge to the soldier for use in the battlefield.

Field Medic – Something that often occurs to Specialists before they get Field Medic is the loss of their Medikit, which they normally have alongside Medical Protocol. This results in a net loss of healing charges from 2 → 1. To fix that, Specialists with both Field Medic and Medical Protocol automatically have 3 healing charges, and increase to 4 with a Medikit.

Threat Assessment – Lily Shen, unlike any other Specialist in XCOM, does not begin with Aid Protocol. Instead, she goes through the complete Combat Hacker route, gaining Combat Protocol, Haywire Protocol, etc. This would all be fine if she didn’t also learn Threat Assessment, an ability that requires Aid Protocol to function. To remedy this, Shen now has Aid Protocol throughout all levels.

This mod’s changes only take effect in Legacy Operations and Skirmish Mode.