Spunkles Voicepack for XCOM 2 – Legacy & WOTC

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Author: [RQ] StuballZ
Last revision: 18 Mar at 02:02 2018 UTC


So, this is Spunkles. He doesn’t refer to himself as a squirrel in-game, for immersion’s sake, but he IS a squirrel, and a cheeky one. Originally conceived as the illegitimate love-child of Conker from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Spunkles has hounded me, from the day I discovered I could do his voice, to do a project with him. And here it is.

I thought the one thing still missing from XCOM 2 was a couple of unique soldiers, like Shaojie Zhang and Annette Durand from the first game. Granted, we got to play Central and Lily Shen, but that was limited to one mission each. Spunkles is my offering to fill this small void. He doesn’t refer to himself by name in-game, so you can call him whatever you want; he just requests it be something badass.

Spunkles will tell you exactly where he gets hurt. This seems natural to me. If you get kicked in the nuts, do you say "I’m taking damage!" or "Oww, my nuts!"

A few of his quips are original, but most are unashamedly pulled from movies and tv shows that I’ve loved over the years. I make no apologies for this. Spunkles is a pop-culture ♥♥♥♥♥.

There’s a little variance in the cue volume of the movie, because I was still tweaking volumes when I started capturing. All the cues are now the same volume in-game. Also, I live in a block of units, so I’m not able to do all the yelling and screaming a good voicepack requires. This is my best compromise.

Over 500 lines covering all major actions. Will work with WOTC but not for the Faction soldiers.