40k Agripinaa Autogun

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Authors: Roknar, Paddy11B, Thomas-T3
Last revision: 19 Nov at 19:20 2018 UTC


If you subscribed to the first version, you should get this one instead.
An error snuck in before release and I used this opportunity to fix the mod not showing up in recent mods and also add support for XSkin System by Robojumber ( I think…maybe…I did not test it).
Sorry for any inconvenience.

This is a single weapon mod for now, inspired by the Agripinaa autogun from 40k, so all the credit/rights goes to Games Workshop.
It includes custom attachements and icons and it is tintable.
The stats and buffs are based on the basegame stats, but are for the most part configurable if you need to change them.

***Please note that these attachements are completely separate from the base game upgrades***
You won’t know which one you found until you check the upgrades, but both the base game upgrades and these also have an independant drop chances.
Meaning that if you get two scopes, there’s likely one for the vanilla weapons and one for the Agripinaa.

There won’t be another weapon in a long time but the vision is to replace all the LW2 weapons and tiers ( so err…maybe in xcom 4 given the speed I work at XD)
The Mohawk in the screenshots is from another mod.

Kudos to the Tommy Trials Discord server[discord.gg], without which I would not have been able to finish this ( like at all). And many thanks to Σ3245, IronGroinPie/Blackbladder and all the other big guys for the help too.

*** mod folder: 1565020466 ***
***tags: soldier customization, 40k, warhammer, warhammer 40k, warhammer 40000, ig, imperial Guard, not adeptus militarum, adeptus copyreitus, guns, gunpack, agripinaa, rifle***

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