[WOTC] Advent Drone

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Author: hectorzx
Last revision: 14 Nov at 19:58 2018 UTC


Advent Drones are a unit with high mobility capables of stun their enemies.

There are 3 variants, Advent Drone, Advent Drone Advanced and Advent Drone Elite.

Spanish Translation

== Abilities ==

-Shock: An attack that can disorient the target.
-Stun: An attack that does not do damage but stun the target, melee range.
-Repair: Repair a nearby robotic unit.
-SELF DESTRUCTION: Two turns ability, the firt turn he will charge and initializate the self destruction, the next turn he will explode doing masive damage in a very small area of effect (1-2 titles).
-Self Aid Protocol: He protect himself with a buff that improve his defense and hack defense.

Advent Drone have: Shock, Stun and Repair
Advent Drone Advanced have : Shock, Stun, Repair and Self Destruction
Advent Drone Elite have: Shock, Stun, Repair, Self Destruction and Self Aid Protocol

== Stats ==

The drones have low-mid damage and bad aim, but they have higth mobility, so they can flank with ease.

== When he appears? ==

They appears early on, but they have a low spawn rate (1/3 of Advent troopers)
They can not be leaders, only followers, and they are limited to 1 for pod.

== Autopsy ==

A new autopsy is added, the reward is a vest that grand immunity to stun and disorient, and add 2 HP to the owner.

== Compatibility ==

This mod should be compatible with any mod.

== Thank to ==

Pavonis Interactive: This mod uses the model from the Long War Alien Pack.