[WOTC] Map Expansion

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Authors: MrShadowCX, eclipsezr
Last revision: 8 Dec at 22:17 UTC


Strongly suggest not downloading this Mod if you going to have a iroman run.

This adds extensive new content terms of new map environments,parcels,pcp’s to enhance the world
of xcom, as well increase variety during gameplay.


Does it work with the Latest DLC/WOTC?

Yes it does!

You have other map mods do i need download this one too?

Not necessarily, this one combines all my mods but with improved quality.At the momment it includes all of them except a few for EC EU/EWI and EC map plot mod.As time goes by it will have those two complete.so it’s strongly recomended to delete the old mods and use this. Here is the list of combined mods you should delete if using this one:

[WOTC] EU/EWI Map Remakes

[WOTC] EC Map Plots

[WOTC] EC Parcels


This mod have a big file size,will it affect my fps?

No this mod can have 30gb and wont affect frames at all, only affects if it
has too many things in that mission you will be at which is one thing i try to avoid always.

Why is there no screenshots showcasing your maps?

Wanna treat this mod as a unofficial Map expansion dlc meaning it’s a mystery for
you to find out and enjoy.If you wanna see if i make good quality mods check my other map mods.

I found a bug

Send it to the discussion page bug report

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