[WOTC] Jet Packs by Iridar

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Author: Iridar
Last revision: 27 Mar at 16:47 UTC



This mod can be split in two parts: cosmetic and function.

From the cosmetic side, this mod adds several cosmetic Booster Jets:

  • 4 Torso Gear
  • 1 Shins
  • 1 Right Forearm
  • 1 Thighs

From the function side, this mod allows you to construct Booster Jets -> Elerium Jets utility items in Proving Grounds. First will require Advent MEC autopsy and corpse, and the upgraded version will need Archon autopsy and corpse.

These utility items will allow soldiers to jump to roofs and balconies, as well as provide additional abilities depending on which armor type is equipped.

Light and Medium Armor abilities:

  • Jet Shot – allows to shoot enemies from the air, providing a guaranteed Height Advantage.
  • Emergency Evac – evac from any open location on the map, without having to be in the Evac zone.
  • Flight – only for Elerium Jets – same as Icarus Jump from the Alien Hunters’ Archon Armor – fly to a different location on the map.

Heavy Armor abilities:

  • Rocket Punch – typical melee ability.
  • Rocket Slam – a melee ability with an area of effect damage and disorientation.
  • Crater – Replaces Rocket Slam on Elerium Jets – fall down like a meteor dealing damage and disorienting enemies in an area.


Archon Autopsy will unlock Dynamic Deployment in Guerilla Tactics School. It provides the ability to dynamically deploy soldiers equipped with Booster Jets directly from Avenger’s barracks.

By default, the total number of soldiers on mission cannot exceed maximum squad size. This means that to be able to dynamically deploy soldiers, the mission must be started without a full squad. Due to balancing concerns you are limited to deploying 3 soldiers per turn by default.

The only way you can "choose" who gets Dynamically Deployed and who isn’t is by equipping Booster Jets on them and leaving them in the barracks.


This is a toggle ability. You can freely enable and disable it during your turn, no charges or cooldowns. When Jet Shot is active, your Standard Shot will work differently: you will have a guaranteed Height Advantage of +20 Aim against any enemy. Abilities like Damn Good Ground and Death From Above will work with Jet Shot as well. However, there are several restrictions:

1) The soldier must have a compatible weapon equipped. The list of compatible weapons can be configured in the .ini.
2) The soldier must have clear sky above their head.
3) The target must be visible from the sky. This part of functionality in particular can be a bit buggy sometimes.

Jet Shot will automatically deactivate itself at the end of your turn, so you can’t use it with Overwatch. This is intentional, to prevent weird visualizations when your soldier flies away from an enemy that tries to melee them.


This mod is intentionally highly customizable, so if you have any balancing concerns, please balance the mod for yourself by editing the .ini files, I have left extensive instructions in the ReadMe.txt.

To anyone who enjoys customizing their soldiers, I highly recommend to go to XComJetPacks.ini and set these flags to "false":


You can also subscribe to these mods that include cosmetic Jet Packs that are compatible with Booster Jets:

Since Jet Pack cosmetics and Booster Jets utility items are entirely separate from each other, it is technically possible to have only one of them equipped, which will either result in your soldier flying like a superman without a jet pack, or in a soldier running around with a jet pack that doesn’t do anything. This freedom to fail is a necessary price for the modular structure of the mod.


Requires X2 WOTC Community Highlander. Otherwise your soldiers will not have jet pack animations.
Requires Alien Hunters DLC. Otherwise your game will crash on launch. Probably.
Doesn’t require a new campaign.


Mr. Nice of Creative Xenos has helped me set up the mod so that my jet pack cosmetics should not appear on randomly generated soldiers, let me know if it doesn’t work.

Known issue: Dynamically Deploying several soldiers at once – especially when coupled with a good bunch of cosmetic mods – can cause the game to freeze for a few seconds. I’ve done what I can to reduce the lag, but the only way to remove it completely is to go easy on non-vanilla cosmetics on deploying units.

It may not look like it, but Jet Shot is actually very intrusive, and modifies almost every existing ability in the game. This new and exciting way to break your game is absolutely unpredictable. If anything starts looking weird, go to XComJetPacks.ini and set this flag to "false":


Then reload to closest strategic save and see if that resolves the problem.


Are you a modder that makes cosmetic armor that has cosmetic jet packs? Looking at you, Mjolnir Armor! Congratulations, through a simple process of adding FX sockets, you can make YOUR armor compatible with MY Booster Jets!

Socket names:

FX_Forearm_R – for rocket punching FX_Ground_Pound – for slamming the ground FX_LShin – shin mounted jets FX_RShin FX_JetPack_R – backpack style jets FX_JetPack_L FX_JumpKit_R – waist-mounted jets FX_JumpKit_L

If your cosmetic jet pack has only one engine, use the right (R) socket for it.


Two of the Jet Packs I used are ported from PlanetSide 2. They are owned by Daybreak Games Company, and will be removed at their request.

Archangel Jet Pack was originally ported from EW by Team CX for their ADVENT Psi Ops mod.

For this mod I had a lot of help from Ginger, E3245, robojumper and Mr. Nice of Team Creative Xenos, we all owe them a debt of gratitude for helping to make this mod a reality.

And as always, huge thanks to my wonderful patrons who helped me produce this mod. You can learn more here: Iridar’s Patreon Project[www.patreon.com].