Cross-Tier SPARK Customization

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Author: Nexolate
Last revision: 9 Dec at 17:38 2018 UTC


This is just a bug fix for All Spark Tier Customization Unlocked since the author has stated they’re not working on it any more. If you like this mod, please give the original author an upvote and check out their mod.

Adds each tiers’ parts (Conventional, Plated, Powered) to the other tiers, allowing for a mix of parts or to carry over customizations.

This is a leaner, stripped down version of the original mod to fix a specific bug. Namely that the original author overwrote X2Action_AndromedonDeathAction.uc (among many other classes) causing Andromedons to not drop wrecks/corpses, locking you out of Proximity Mine research.

Known Issues:

* Customization is randomized when upgrading armor, meaning you have to reset the appearance.


None! It’s just a config file.